The Gadsden Spartans

The Gadsden Spartans became Company I of the 6th Tennessee Infantry Regiment (Col. William H. Stephens Regiment), Provisional Army of Tennessee on May 23, 1861.
The 6th Tennessee Inf. Regiment came into Confederate service on August 12, 1861.

The 6th Tennessee Infantry Regiment was consolidated with the Ninth Tennessee Infantry in December of 1862 to form the 6th/9th Consolidated Tennessee Infantry.

During the final re-organization of the Army of Tennessee (AOT) on April 9, 1865, the 6th/9th Tennessee became Company A of the 1st Consolidated Tennessee Infantry.

The regiment was surrendered with the Army of Tennessee on April 26 1865 at Durham Station, NC. The soldiers received their paroles on May 1, 1865 at Greensboro, NC.


6th Tennessee Infantry Regimental History from Tennesseans in the Civil War


Capt. James M. Collinsworth & Lt. Robert J. Williams

OFFICERS: (from Camp Fair Website)

James M. Collinsworth, Captain Enlisted & received commission at Camp Fair, May 23 1861, at age thirty-four. Died of Pneumonia, Sept. 6 1861.

Service Records


William J. McKinny, 1st Lieutenant Enlisted at Camp Fair, May 23 1861, at age thirty-five. Became Company Captain on Sept. 20 1861, after death of J.M. Collinsworth. Wounded at Battle of Shiloh. Re-appointed company Captain on April 16 1862. On detached service, Dec. 20 1862 at Kingston Al. Surrendered with Army of Tennessee on April 26 1865. Paroled, Greensboro NC., May 1 1865.

Service Records

Robert J. Williams, 2nd Lieutenant Enlisted at Camp Fair, May 23 1861, at age twenty. Resigned & discharged at New Madrid Missouri, Aug. 1861, due to poor health.

Service Records

Ed. Smith, Brevet 2nd Lieutenant Enlisted at Camp Fair, May 23 1861, at age nineteen. Elected 2nd Lieutenant, Sept. 21 1861.

Service Records

John B. Arnold, Enlisted at Camp Fair, Jackson TN, May 23 1861, as 1st Sergeant, age thirty-four. Severely wounded in ankle at Battle of Shiloh. Permanently disabled & sent home.

Service Records


John W. Matthews, 2nd Sergeant Enlisted at Camp Fair, May 23 1861, at age thirty-three. Succeeded R.J. Williams as 2nd Lieutenant on Aug. 31 1861. Replaced W.J. McKinney as 1st Lieutenant when McKinney was elected company Captain on Sept. 20 1861. Wounded at Battle of Shiloh. Detached to General Johnston, May 10 1864, near Jonesboro Ga.

Service Records


Abram J. Mason, 3rd Sergeant Enlisted at Camp Fair, May 23 1861, at age twenty-two.

Service Records


John Wesley White, 4th Sergeant Born May 21 1837 Maury County Tennessee. Enlisted at Camp Fair, May 23 1861, at age twenty-four. Detached to Pioneer Corp. on Aug. 10 or 12 1862. Permanently detached to Pioneer Corp. Detailed to Miners and Sappers, April 18 1862. Received thirty day furlough on April 3 1864 and returned. Wounded in knee at Battle of Peach Tree Creek July 1864. Discharged December 3 1864 at expiration of his enlistment. Applied for Confederate Pension # AO7747 as resident of Florida. Died January 13 1917 in St. Petersburg Florida. Buried in Greenwood Cemetery St. Petersburg Florida.

Service Records


J.C.K. Carter, 1st Corporal Enlisted at Camp Fair, May 23 1861, at age twenty-three. Killed in action, Battle of Shiloh, April 6 1862.

Service Records

William L. Herron, Enlisted at Camp Fair, May 23 1861. Promoted to 2nd Corporal on May 8 1862. Promoted to 2nd Sergeant, July 23 1862. Detailed for hospital duty at Empire Hospital Atlanta Ga. as nurse in Fall of 1863. Assistant steward at Empire Hospital, Atlanta, starting about Jan. 1864.

Service Records



John W. Ballentine, Enlisted at Camp Fair, Jackson TN, May 23 1861, as Corporal. Wounded at Battle of Shiloh, April 6 1862. Captured at Fort Pillow TN, July 1863. POW Camp Douglas IL. Aug. 1863. Oath of Allegiance, sent home May 3 1865. Complexion fair, eyes grey, hair auburn. Height 5' 8".

Service Records


Patrick M. Duffy, Enlisted at Camp Fair, Jackson TN, May 23 1861, at age twenty-one.

Service Records


Original Roster below from "THE WEST TENNESSEE WHIG", printed Friday, June 7, 1861 in Jackson, Tennessee


Jas. M. Collingsworth, Capt.
Wm. J.
McKinny, 1st Lieut.
Robt. J. Williams, 2d Lieut
Ed. Smith, Brevet 2d Lieut.
Jno. B. Arnold, O. S.
Jno. W. Mathews, 2d O. S.
A. J. Mason, 3d O. S.
Jno. W. White, 4th O. S.

J. C. K. Carter, 1st Corp.
W. L. Herrin, 2d Corp.
Jno. W. Balentine, 3d Corp.
M'Duff.y, 4th Corp.
Ezra M. Arnold
Pinkney Bell
Robt. H. Cox
Wm. H. Dunaway
W. H. Graves
W. H. Hays
Jno. M. Henderson
Wm. Jones
Jas. H. Jackson
Jas. A. Lane
B. C. Mason
Ed S. Matthews
Samuel Matthews
W. D. Rainey
Richard Robinson
Jno. W. Sawrie
Calvin Van Pelt
Wm. E. Woodson

Josiah Allen
Jas. M. Boykin
Wm. Copeland
Wm. Cox
Jno. E. Duncan
Francis M. Griffin
Wm. A. Hastings
Jno. Hart
Samuel Johnson
Charles Kennedy
Jo W.
John Little
Robt. Matthews
Jno. R. McIver
John Patterson
Thos. W. Redding
Wyatt Robinson
P. T. Scott
Chas. B. Stewart
Wm. Van Pelt
Allen H. Young

Nathan Arnold
Samuel Bell
C. Cater
Wm. J. Casey
Wm. H.
Thos. P.
Jacob H. Holt
G. D.
Bej. Jones
Jas. Johnson
George King
Thos. P. Lemon
S. S. B.
James Matthews
Jno. S. Matthews
A. J. Patrick
Robert Pearson
W. B. Smith
Thos. L. Smith
D. W. Thompson
Greed T. Woodson
Moody Young

Information from Confederate Service Records,, Camp Fair Website, other resources online,, Cemetery Records.